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Rich Prezley’s Debut Album ‘HeartBreak Prezley’ in the Spotlight

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Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Rich Prezley released his solo album titled HeartBreak Prezley, and, as expected, it’s been nothing but positive outpour. The ten track project does not disappoint, with fan favorites being singles “Not a Break Up Song” and “Bottled Emotions”. At 16, the artist discovered his passion for music, and has practiced his craft since. “I started to get serious last year when I saw how this could really change my life and my family’s lives for the better,” shared the artist.

Produced by Yvngmylesproduction, HeartBreak Prezley aims to dive deep into the emotions of listeners through rap music, which is what the industry has lost its touch on. It’s artists like Rich Prezley that have the skill to spark back that fire hip hop and rap music once had. It’s more than a catchy tune, hard-hitting bars need to match, and the artist made the right move when he decided to go solo on the album.

“I didn’t want any features so I could display my talents” Prezley admits. “My goal was to work hard first and take myself seriously before I expected anyone else to.” Payroll, Peezy, and BabyFace Ray are other Detroit artists that would blend well with his talents and effort.

Also released, the official music to “No Love” gives us a visual glimpse of the album.

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