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Rabu Gary is Basking in the Success of his Debut Album “Rhythm”

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Jazz is a home-grown genre in America and is often associated with happiness and celebration. Rabu Gary realized the essence of this genre early in his life. Coming from a family that has a rich culture in music, it was not difficult for Rabu to discover his passion, and what followed was a 12-year long journey of hard work and dedication to hone his craft.

Rabu dropped his debut single “I am” in 2017 which paved the way for a solid career in the music industry. It was followed by a landmark achievement of performing with his father, the legendary pop artist George Gary, at the Symphony Music Festival. Rabu’s unique take on jazz quickly separated him from his contemporaries, earning him the title of “king of contemporary jazz”.

The 27-year-old artist from New Jersey already has more than 15 chart-topping singles to his name and 5 of them have been on the Hot 100 billboard. In 2022, Rabu achieved another milestone in his career by dropping his debut album “Rhythm”. From penning the lyrics to composing music and producing it, Rabu has been a one-man team behind this album.

“Rhythm” is a collection of 6 foot-tapping jazzy tracks to mark his 6 years in the music industry. Each song is unique in its tune, flow, and even lyrics. “Rhythm” has already earned over 2 million hits on Spotify and Apple Music, becoming the party anthem in nightclubs around the country.

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