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PANDAGR@MM Shows Us He’s Here to Stay with His Latest Single “Outlast”

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He may be a Miami artist these days–but springing up in Jersey, Michael Pandolfi (better known as PANDAGR@MM), experienced firsthand the impact that music culture can have on a city–from the resilience of the people going about their days and doing what needs to be done in the icy winters to the self-reliant attitude shared by the people of NYC and Jersey. Not one to forget his roots, PANDAGR@MM imbue’s that strength of character into each and every track he’s released.


As he continues to pursue a career in the hip-hop scene, PANDAGR@MM always goes back to those roots one way or another. One shining example of this coming through in his new song “Outlast.”


Outlast” is an anthem to a man’s will to push through and give whatever it takes to outlast one’s competition and haters. Instead, getting caught up in the rhythm of the beat rather than the world trying to keep you down


Outlast” is a blood-pumping chorus to the ears and should be added to anyone’s gym or work playlist.


Stream PANDAGR@MM’s “Outlast” on Spotify here.

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