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Champ T Is Pushing the Boundaries of What Music Can Do on the Internet

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The internet has greatly changed the music industry, helping artists promote their work and easily interact with their audience. With the many streaming platforms, music has been made more accessible to the public, giving both up-and-coming and established artists an avenue to showcase their talents. As the internet continues to evolve and is rapidly transforming the music scene, Champ T is pushing boundaries of what music can do on the internet by bringing in a new approach to the industry.

Champ T is combining groundbreaking technology with his music to create great content that is now setting him apart in the industry. According to Champ T, his goal is to create authentic music that resonates with the audience and delivers the intended message perfectly. To achieve this goal, he is leveraging technology and merging music with NFTs. Champ is also an NFT influencer with over 100K followers on Twitter.

“Technology has transformed the music industry from production, distribution, and performance to even how music is consumed,” says Champ T. However, he believes that a lot more can be done to help deliver great music, keep the audience entertained, and support young talents.

In writing and composing his music and even arranging his shows, Champ T is leveraging technology to challenge the music world’s set boundaries. His unique sound, impeccable voice, and great visuals have helped him earn a place in the industry, with his tracks getting 500K+ streams.

Champ T has written and composed several tracks, including one of his most recent songs, “Hush,” featuring JayJ. Champ T has also collaborated with some notable artists in the Web3 space and had the opportunity to organize and perform one of the biggest shows in LA, One Night in LA. Other artists that were present include Quadeca, DC the Don, Nascar Aloe, Sad Frosty, and many more.

Through his songs, Champ T pushes the boundaries of what music can do on the internet, creating a solid online community. He is helping bridge the digital renaissance of NFTs with music in a meaningful way and breaking the mold of what it means to be an artist in the digital age. This will help others in the industry, opening the door for more opportunities and showing them that you do not have to confine yourself to one thing. “The goal is to pursue a career that makes you happy and fight for your dreams without giving up,” says Champ T.

He notes that he had trouble settling in when he got started in the music industry. Champ T wanted to fit in, and he was doing things to please others, not himself. This took a toll on his career, and he felt like giving up, but he didn’t. He remained true to himself, and he’s now driving significant change in the industry.

In less than a few months since starting his journey, Champ T is changing the music and NFT space, creating a perfect blend between the two. He has gained 60K followers in a period of less than a month. Champ T has also sold out an NFT collection in 40 minutes with a floor price of over 1ETH.

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