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Matthew Thayer is Optimistic about his Upcoming Song “Vibes” for all the Right Reasons

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Every new song is like a new beginning for the artist who created it. Each song defines the artist in a way that connects with fans. Matthew Thayer is a famous international rapper and producer. His new song, “Vibes”, is set to drop this year. Matthew Thayer has already set the expectations of his fans high.

Matthew Thayer was only 17 when he started his journey into the music industry. Initially pursuing acting as a career, Matthew pivoted his focus after audiences applauded his singing more than his acting in a skit he performed at college. While this helped him discover his craft, Matthew also learned how important appreciation from audiences can be.

Matthew became the record holder at the age of 25 after dropping 18 back-to-back hits while working under a label and as an independent artist. He always believed in using his craft for a purpose rather than scaling his bank balance. That’s why Matthew fearlessly talks about social issues through his music.

“Vibes”, as Matthew explains, has a strong message for the youth today. The song will highlight the pitfalls of society while motivating the youth to chase their passion fearlessly. Matthew is excited about the release and is optimistic that “Vibes” will become the anthem for struggling young people regardless of where they live.

Matthew has not disclosed the date of the release yet. From what is revealed through his social media post, “Vibes” will be released on 14 digital platforms across the world.

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