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Artist Wesca creates artwork that tells a compelling story of the pandemic.

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As things have started to become normal again and the global pandemic has finished its reign of terror, we must reexamine its impact on us. While many suffered personal losses, others struggled with emotional scars. Some were terrified of losing their loved ones, while others were more worried about the impact it could have on the human race as a whole. We have made it through the worst pandemic in human history, but we need to learn from our mistakes and look back on what this pandemic has brought to us.

There was a surge of talented artists who were inspired by the pandemic. Artists who had seen the kind of impact art could make and wanted to try creating something new. That is how many beautiful pieces of work were created during those dark days. Wesca, a common-looking guy, was a self-proclaimed artist until the pandemic. He has finally released his masterpiece as a gift to the world.

Wesca decided to release an album containing all of his artwork inspired by the pandemic. The album is based on his personal experience and view of the event. It is called World On Fire, and it includes 5 tracks that help us understand Wesca’s perspective on this tragic event.

World On Fire starts with a song called “Redemption,” which gives a general view of the pandemic. We see Wesca’s personality and characteristics in this track. He is a multi-faceted person, clearly shown in the song.

We all might have experienced the pandemic differently or similarly. It was an event that affected us collectively; it was an event that we will remember forever. World On Fire invites us to live the experience again while inspiring us never to forget what has happened.

The album follows a path that starts with disaster and ends with hope. The tracks are divided into parts, in which each piece tells a story. Each song has a topic and a message behind it. The topics vary from the loss of a loved one, the impact at the time, how Wesca felt as he was creating artwork, and how art helped him to recover emotionally.

The tracks of World On Fire open with an explosion that floods our ears with loud melancholy. It is like we are right there facing catastrophe. The song continues with a pessimistic tone before evolving into a more positive outlook toward life.

Wesca believes that the future of humanity is full of hope. He doesn’t want to dwell on the past, but he does want to keep it alive and prove that we have made it through the worst pandemic in human history. World On Fire is a compilation of artwork created by Wesca during and after the pandemic. It is a gift from him to the world. It is available on a range of music streaming and social media platforms and on his official website.

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