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Ready To Win: Cam Steady Is A Multi Genre Superstar

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In the current climate of the music game, genres and titles are becoming nearly obsolete. Many artists of today have traded the rigid stylistic boxes the industry used to place of their predecessors for a more fluid approach, taking the bests elements of different sounds and blending them together. For L.A. rap-rocker Cam Steady, this newfound freedom is more than just a phase, it’s a foundation.


Cam Steady is a high energy, multi genre artist from Los Angeles. His sound borders lines of hip-hop, EDM, and heavy metal, blending together to form a new type of soundtrack for West Coast youth. Being heavily tied into underground scenes in L.A., Florida, the DMV and other regions, Cam Steady has built a fan base of rebels who understand his rage. Late last year he released the hit song “Chaos Control!” featuring underground rap legend Kamiyada+. Since the beginning of this year, Cam Steady has put out three official tracks and has featured on releases for his viral internet series “VideoGameRapBattles”. Gearing up to drop his next single “FORME SWITCH” in May, Cam has no plans of slowing down his momentum in 2022.


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