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Clickfunnels CPO Todd’s Philosophy on Creating Value

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Every entrepreneur has their own reason for starting a business. Some want to be their own boss, others want to get rich, while others have a product or service they believe in so strongly that they want to share it with the world. But whatever the reason may be, entrepreneurs should share one common goal: to create value for their customers. It’s what sets businesses apart from the rest and it’s what makes customers want to come back.

This is exactly Todd Dickerson’s philosophy as co-founder and CPO of ClickFunnels. According to him, it is essential to always be looking for new ways to add value and exceed customer expectations. This means constantly innovating and being receptive to customer feedback. By keeping the customer at the forefront of your mind, you can create a product or service that truly meets their needs.

His love for technology dates back to middle school. He was focused on software and hardware engineering but eventually shifted towards game programming and web design. It wasn’t long until he started designing websites for several businesses – however being an entrepreneur at heart, he realized that there is more than just creating websites from client projects alone. This led him down the path of pursuing his own business which taught him an important lesson: “If you want to make money, find a way to help other people make money.” That philosophy has been the cornerstone of his career ever since.

Todd has a number of impressive accomplishments to his name, but what really sets him apart is the way he approaches business. He understands that providing value for people is one of the most important things you can do in this industry and it’s clear that he lives by those words every day with ClickFunnels.

Today, ClickFunnels is an industry leader in landing page and funnel software. The company was built upon one simple idea, to help entrepreneurs create successful online businesses by building landing pages and funnels more effectively than any other solution on the market. They have grown from nothing to $100 million in annual revenue with tens of millions generated for their customers. With an average increase in sales of six figures per year, this company’s success story can be attributed to not only to their software but also their dedication to providing value for their customers.

Connect with Todd on Instagram to learn more about him and his work.

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