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Brazzy Brook Releases New Single “DWIW”

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Brazzy Brook continues her 2022 campaign strong with her 5th release of the year. The single titled “DWIW”, shows off a more mainstream sound of hers, with a catchy hook echoing throughout the track. Her vocals really cut through on this track, as her voice is seen peaking on both the low and high ends.

Her melodic-trap sound with powerful bass and claps celebrates her unique sound and sharp lyricism. her precise melodies and confident appearance made a dope club banger.

Brazzy says her inspiration for this song came from going on tour, which consisted of 7 cities in 8 days, quite a lot for an upcoming artist. The Devsocold produced track is sure to be a summer hit. We’re excited to see what else she has coming this year, as she seems to be one of the most consistent upcoming artists out.

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