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Young, Zealous, and Turning Heads – Moibandaa Is An Artist To Watch

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Up and coming artist Moibanda Rogers, known as “Moibandaa” by most, has been a fan of music from a young age. From early on he listened to music every chance he got whether it was to get ready for soccer practice or a game, walking to the bus stop, or go into his own world and just be him. In school, he always jumped at the opportunity to take some form of music class whether it was piano, music theory or advanced choir when in high school. It was from a young age he learned the basics of music theory, how to make melodies on the keyboard, sing and started to do it more often as he got better. A lot of the people he grew up around were part of the UK scene in Leicester, so he would always sit with them while they were making beats or writing lyrics. However, as he got older soccer started to get in the way as he started to climb the ranks internationally, and had to start focusing on it more. It wasn’t until he came to the US for university he got back into it, when one of his friends Cam Wess would always be singing and playing the piano practicing for his classes and/or performances.


Moibandaa told us that “it was definitely a hobby, but he didn’t talk too much about it because he always got told to just focus on education and soccer. Getting this far has been an accomplishment especially with having to try and juggle multiple things at once and he feels extremely blessed.” There were a lot of hard times along the way, he says, and periods where he had to take a break from everything he was doing because he didn’t know what to do or where he was going. He wasn’t sure what he wanted his flow to be and sound like, but he credits his friends for helping him get through it.


After taking some time to go back home to the UK, he returned and he was back at it taking music more seriously. He focused on using it as a platform to express himself, and just wanted to enjoy the process. At this point in time, Moibandaa was considering taking a break from soccer and focusing on strictly making music. Knowing artists and being around people who loved music helped the ideas flourish in his head. He states that “Music is an art and can be therapeutic for anyone and everyone.  It is a way that I can express myself when I don’t necessarily have an outlet to.” We are excited to see where he goes from here.

You can follow Moibandaa’s journey by following his Instagram account @moibandaa and can listen to his music on Spotify at the link HERE.

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