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Erica Mason is Bringing Authenticity Back to the Music Industry

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In 2018 Portland rapper Wynne braced the Team Backpack stage, rapping her heart out and stealing the show with her witty bars and incredible delivery. Midway through the cypher she stated, “and quit saying yeah you’re good for a lady, that’s a stupid copout…”. This line would resonate with Erica as a promoter and talent buyer in all 4 years since the cypher dropped, it began the discussion of sexism in hip hop in her own life. At the end of the day, female rappers don’t need you to label them “female rappers”, they’re just normal rappers. 2018 not only marked the ground-shaking team backpack cypher with Wynne, but also the rise of Cardi B, Doja Cat, Megan The Stallion, and a new era of rappers (who happen to be female).

Erica Mason is a North Florida rapper who is moving women in hip hop forward with her progressive and distinguishable style. She has immaculate bars, beautiful songwriting, and a flow reminiscent of the astonishing female MCs before her like Nicki Minaj and Lauryn Hill. She also has an incredible singing voice, with R&B influences of Kehlani, and Jheni Aioko. In her recent single ‘Better’ she raps how she won’t be leaving this game anytime soon, and with her work ethic and raw talent, the statement isn’t a stretch. Just remember she’s not good for a lady, she’s good because she’s good. Her extremely confident and vulnerable delivery is what sets her apart from creators today. She is fully independent and has amassed over 200k followers on Instagram and nearly 700k on TikTok. Erica Mason is one of the best artists to watch in 2022.


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