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Rapper Richie Branson Used The Pandemic To His Advantage

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Artist and virtual technician Richie Branson has used the pandemic to his advantage. During the hard past few years that most would describe as the greatest depression of the century, Richie used the solace of the coronavirus to leverage his careers in both rap and gaming.

While the onset of the coronavirus pandemic kept most of the world apart physically, it collided virtual worlds by encouraging communication through conjoining spaces. One of these mergers was hip hop and tech. As many notable rappers began to get involved in video game streaming and NFTs, the crypto big shots were creating musical startup projects and aligned themselves with established artists. The harmony between these two lanes may have exploded in 2020, but for Texas rapper & video game developer Richie Branson this blend is nothing new. Since around 2010 he’s been releasing video game inspired rap projects, cultivating a fan base of techies and connoisseurs along the way. And while many people changed career paths during the pandemic, the only thing it changed for Richie Branson was his online shopping habits. He spent the worst of the epidemic writing rap songs and developing our favorite games like he always has.

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