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Alejandromoneytv up and coming Columbia artists

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A person with matchless music skills is present among us. Alejandromoneytv is a renowned musician of this dynamic music age.

Hello. Meet Me I’m Alejandromoneytv, an independent musician and performer. I was born in Bogota, Colombia, on 15 September 1998. Having three years of experience in music, I have made my name in the genre of Trap and Reggaeton. I’m super excited because I will release my new album in April. I am greatly aspired to get the world experience of such a relishing piece of music.

How I Succeeded in Achieving This Place at Such Little Age?

I love to compose and produce new tunes of music. Moreover, music is not only my passion but also my life. Life is successful if you succeed in doing what you really love. I have such a feeling in my heart. My daily routine is incomplete without composing strains of music.

Discovering your talent and skills is an essential thing in life. When you realize your passion, you find a goal in your life. Thus, life becomes exciting in pursuit of that goal. As a young musician, I began to compose music at the age of 20. However, there is a lot of competition in every field, especially music. But I made myself unique and stood out myself apart from the crowd through my innovative and creative music skills. I stepped forward little by little into the profession and decided to take my music career to the next level.

My career took another turn when I got a chance to record with a well-known rapper called Alpha the Boss due to my prevailing fame on Spotify. I dream high about my future. I dream of going to the US and proceed my career. There, I want to sign with the Universal Music Group to reach the heights of glorious success. I wish that the tunes of my music flourish all over the world and people may get fun and relaxation through my tunes. Find me on Instagram @alejandromoneytv

The Things I am Proficient At

I possess extraordinary talent and aptitude to compose music, lyrics, and song. Moreover, I have also mastered the skill of composing the beat. I feel more comfortable with Hip Hop. This is because it suits my personality, temperament, and style. I seldom play dembow and trap too.

The difficulties and troubles in music have aided me in growing my inner personality. Moreover, I have learned a lot from my mistakes and have polished my skills as an artist. It is easy to give up when circumstances dissent us. But I have always been resilient and resistant to my harsh circumstances and failures. It gave me the courage and strength to withstand and energized my soul to pursue my ambitions. For me, the most adorable thing is fame and being recognized and respected by people.

The Final Message from My Behalf

The message that I want to convey to all is that they must never give up. If you want to emerge as a creative artist, you would have to struggle for your dream. Thus, the thing that makes me delightful is music. I cannot even think about giving it up in my entire life.


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