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Introducing Boston’s Finest, Dennis Driftmeyer

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Dennis Driftmeyer has been making tremendous strides in his already lustrous career. Dennis is from Boston, Massachusetts, and focuses on creating music that is funky, soulful, and uplifting. He developed a passion for music in his youth while he was in the choir, but started creating music wholeheartedly about 3 years ago. Since then, due to his creativity, hard work, and perseverance he’s released multiple successful projects. Dennis uses his life experiences thus far as the fuel behind his lyrics.


Dennis Driftmeyer is currently an independent artist, who produces and writes all of his music. His intention for creating music is to express himself and put others in a positive mood. He enjoys making music that will get people dancing and having a good time. He wants his fans to know that “it is ok to be different and you are beautiful just the way you are”. Bob Marley and Drake have been great inspirations for Dennis and have helped him develop into the artist he is today. Dennis Driftmeyer has a great passion for inspiring the younger generations and especially future musicians.


As for the next project he has not yet set a release date. Dennis prides himself on releasing only the finest quality of music, so he likes to take his time and be thorough. He believes his fans should anticipate early 2022 for the release of his next masterpiece. Be sure to follow Dennis Driftmeyer and be on the lookout for all upcoming announcements regarding his next project. You can check out his work on Spotify.


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