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Behind the Music: The Subjects of Producer and Artist Caleb Hedberg aka Kiwi

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The message behind the music is many times just as drawing for a listener as the sound. It is the connection to a song that brings back an ear time and time again. Wisconsin’s Kiwi, a producer and artist on the rise, has made a career creating sounds and songs that resonate. He revealed the inspiration for his music relating that it is, “mostly just human emotions. Sadness, excitement, love, etc. Everyone experiences these. I express my feelings through music, and I hope my music connects with other people that feel the same.” This is partly to thank for the quick success Kiwi has seen since beginning to make music in 2016. He is now a multi-platinum producer working with music industry icons such as YK Osiris, Pop Smoke, Lil Tjay, and Toosii. As he works on upcoming projects for big name artists and his own music as well, Kiwi simply wants, “people to feel different emotions and remember the feeling that my production brings. Music can change how someone feels or even inspire them.” More is soon to come from this rising young talent.

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