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PKOLO is geared up to take over the music industry with his dexterity and ready for success

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Pkolo is a talented music producer with a keen interest in the music industry. He grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey and built his professional career over there. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2012 when he created his record label ‘Soundplus’. His interest in music, specifically hip hop, can be traced back to his high school days. 

Pkolo discovered that the roadway to success is by following his interests and constantly learning new skills to keep up with the trends and technological advancements in the industry. Following this, he started an internship with a recording studio where he gained first-hand knowledge about how the music industry works, the skills required to excel, how to maintain a professional rapport with the clients, managing artists, and much more. His internship was the turning point in his career as this led Pkolo to broaden the horizon of his talent and skills to embark upon his entrepreneurial journey.

Pkolo is a wise man with stunning retention. He created a full-blown career out of the experiences and knowledge he acquired during his internship days. 

After the internship period came to end, Pkolo employed the skills and knowledge to the best of his abilities to launch a label that was his own: Soundplus. Soundplus is a recording label located near Pkolo’s recording studio in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Prominent singers are loyal clients of Pkolo’s label because they love the experience of creating music at Soundplus Record Label.

Pkolo has grand plans for Soundplus and aspires to make it a thriving label by doing what he does best: producing music and signing talented new artists. Pkolo plans to sign and launch artists under his company along with producers – to grow Soundplus into a grand brand in the music industry.

Pkolo ranks at the top of Billboard charts with many plaques on the wall and several more to come. 

He intends on expanding his label to bring in new artists and convert them into loyal clients. Currently, he is occupied with rebranding and maintaining while simultaneously focusing on executing plans to expand the business. He has great plans in place. Music aficionados can find Pkolo’s musical work on Spotify and YouTube.

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