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Mack Money Released His New Single “NAH NAH”

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Mack Money is an incredibly dedicated artist, his work spans from mixing, engineering, producing, writing, and mastering his own beats and songs into the fantastic releases that we’ve seen.


With the promise of putting out new music every month this year, Mack Money has been putting in the hours. With his latest single, “NAH NAH” releasing earlier this month, it’s quickly approaching 10,000 streams. The single is a perfect representation of Mack Money as it shows off his production skills and his deep understanding of writing and recording. By grinding every day and getting better everyday, Mack Money doesn’t clock out often. His drive is unmatched and well respected. With more music on the way, we can’t wait to see what’s to come next for this Milwaukee artist. 


Follow Mack Money on Instagram @lgpmackmoney

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