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Jonny Chidi Is Starting 2022 Off With A Bang

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Massachusetts artist Jonny Chidi has just released his debut album “Chidi Bang Bang.”The project includes 7 tracks with catchy melodies that go along with smooth production from producer Reggie1 . We asked Jonny some questions about the trajectory of his music career, it seems as if he has a good head on his shoulders and we’re ready to see what the future has in store for him.
How long have you been making music for Jonny ?
10+ years
What got you into music ?
I always had a love for hip-hop, me and my friends would rap just messing around and then it became more serious
Who would you say are some of your biggest influences artistically ?
I really liked lil uzi vert and young thugs music as well as lil peeps, what they are able to do melodically is very inspiring
Who produces your music ?
My brothers Brix Royale and Reggie1
What upcoming releases are you most proud of ?
A lot of my collaborations with other artists, I’m very excited to release them in the upcoming months
What’s the music scene like out where you’re from ?
A lot of people are very talented and doing their thing, if given the chance I feel like everyone could shine
Where are you from ?
Massachusetts, central Massachusetts, A town called Leominster
Are you far from Boston ?
No it’s less then a hour away , I’ve spent a lot of time there over the last 5 years or so it’s been nice
Ideally where would you like to reside ?
LA or Atlanta
Your first project “Chidi Bang Bang “ I noticed it has an alternative sound to it on the production. Is that something you typically go for ?
I love the alternative guitar style beats , I felt like it fit my first project well because that’s the music I love to make, but all of my music is very different my next album will feature more songs of me rapping and less songs of me singing but I love singing it’s the funnest music to make for me
Well Jonny it’s been nice catching up with you. We look forward to hearing your music in the future, any last thoughts ?
I appreciate you guys, thanks for the opportunity
All in all Jonny is a very talented artist and it’s been a pleasure covering his music and we look forward to his upcoming releases . The future seems bright and I’m sure we’ll be covering this artist again down the road .
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