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Exclusive Interview: I AM LEGEND

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How did you get into music?

To be honest it was through my mother. She was singing in the church as she would take me up there with her. She would hold my hand while she was singing and I would see how people responded to her in the church. I told myself that day that I wanted to do what she is doing and have the same effect. 

So from there, did you join the choir as well?

Nope. She took me under her wing personally and taught me how to sing. Like this is how you do it. 

When did your music style come along because from looking at your catalog, there is not one set sound. 

Yeah it’s not one dimensional. I like all types of music. I like everything. Classical, reggaeton, everything! I like to make sounds that make me feel good. I just wanted to be versatile. I just don’t like to be in a box. I got a habit of that.

I definitely get that vibe from you that you really do have a love for making music. I mean, you have so much music. Your “Heart Broken” single is coming out soon right?

Yes it’s coming soon and the music video is on the way. 

What inspired this record?

Heart Broken is about a relationship I had like two years ago and my heart got demolished because it was the first time I have ever been in love with someone.  I never felt that pain before so all that stuff I’m saying in that song is true. Like I didn’t want to eat. Didn’t want to shave. Didn’t wanna do anything. I was drinking a lot and I was just stressed out. Usually I am the one that’s doing the heartbreaking and I realized I don’t ever wanna go through that again and do nobody like that. I am over it now but once you get a scar, you get a scar and you have to heal it.  I shot the video myself in my room. So this summer I’m just making pop/R&B music and maybe a little bit of hip hop. Just to keep up summer vibes. Might make a song like Billie Eilish (laughs).

You don’t look like the type of person that would like Billie.

I love Billie! I treat music like food. I like to mix things up but I make sure it’s still mine. Does that make sense? I also like to mix sounds like i’m really into music around 1999 so I like to mix it into music now.  

Did you come out swinging as a multi genre artist out the gate?

No, I didn’t. I started off singing then I didn’t want to do only that so I started rapping because it made me feel more free to talk and say what I want to say. But like I said, there’s so many rappers and I was like, well, let’s try something different

Being able to sing is a good tool to have when you’re trying to separate yourself from everybody else.

Yeah. I mean what’s the purpose of having all these gifts God gave you if you ain’t gonna use them. I don’t care what people might think. We are human and we have different emotions. I feel love. I feel sad. I can’t be hard 24/7 so every emotion is different. I have a song for someone’s every emotion. 

Right. That’s how music should be! You also write books right? 

Yes I have a book now about relationships and my newest book is like a thriller/drama. That’s a book about relationships. And I just wrote another book that is a thriller/drama. 

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