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Classico Mystyc Brings a New Single “Twerk” Feat Ying Yang Twins

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Famous for their booty-shaking hit singles, the Ying Yang Twins don’t need an introduction. They have always kept the south on top of the charts with their outstanding music. They debuted in 2000 and gained popularity in the mainstream by 2003. They collaborated with Britney Spears and Lil Jon.

In 2019 and 2021, they were the go-to fun act on THE MILLENNIUM TOUR. Now they are featured with Classico Mystyc in this hot summer single “Twerk”.

The song isn’t just a brand-new release but the one that’s making rounds over the internet and social media. In today’s Hip-Hop/Rap world, the twins have continued to stay distinguished in the industry.

The song has taken its global fans by storm and is trending viral in the industry. Be it a workout or a fun drive at night, “Twerk” is the track you need to make things shake around you. Since 1998, Classico Mystyc has gained exceptional popularity in the hip-hop audience, but he is not stopping. He is also in management with several artists in the industry. It’s in his blood.

For those who can’t wait anymore to dance to a new hip-hop track, it’s the best time to get their hands on this new song and enjoy it.

Fans of Ying Yang Twins know their superhit party singles. The legendary duo is all set to bring some more exciting music in the coming days, followed by the massive impact that Classico Mystyc has brought with “Twerk.”

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