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Gitt Cazz Levels Up with his Latest Single “What It Is”

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Gitt Cazz, which is pronounced “Jitt Cazz” is a dope artist from Tampa, Florida. The new record called “What It Is” feels different and has never been done before. The style and sound of this record is so chilled and fresh that you get lost in the lyrics that Gitt Cazz has blessed us with on this new song.

Bringing that authentic reality rap that gives you a day-by-day insight on what the artist is feeling, thinking and doing. This type of music is very popular but not a lot of MC’s can pull it off in such a fine fashion. Gitt does it very well and wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to this music thing.

Gitt Cazz projects Prodige lI, and Double Tap have accumulated over 1,000,000 streams since their release, making it likely that this new single will do numbers and take his career to the next level. Not too bad for someone that is up and coming within the music industry.

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