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Exclusive Feature On The Next Big Star in Music: ABM

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Sports and music have always seemed to go hand in hand, for some reason, with several big name artists hailing first from a sporting background, before unearthing a deeply rooted passion for music. Thus is the case for the wonderful artist we’ll be talking about today – Dancehall/Reggae/Soca artist ABM.

His latest release, the hit single entitled “Rumba Samba” has got streaming platforms literally on fire, and after giving the song a couple of whirls ourselves, we can definitely see why. “Rumba Samba” brings forth all the joy and melody taken from the very heart of the deeply musical West Indies (where the artist is originally from). It’s a happy, upbeat sort of music that unravels in our minds, and makes us want to dance until we can no longer feel our feet.

The rapid-rhythm tempo serves to imbue the listener with a certain exotic desire for life and happiness that only arrives as a much-needed pick-me-up after the dormant past two years.

But we were talking about sports, because indeed, before he was such a well-rounded, and accomplished musician, this young man used to be quite the athlete, even scoring a sports scholarship at Grambling State University. In spite of moving to America, ABM never forgot the musical core of his native Trinidad, and after graduating as an engineer, rediscovered his passion for sound.

He founded his own indie label Platinum Trini Entertainment (along with the accompanying radio station out of LA, Platinum Trini Hot 97 FM), and worked with numerous big name artists like Flesh-n-Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, French Montana, and Reime Schemes.

Meanwhile, he also honed his own sound, and now comes to us to deliver a beautiful, lively track that is sure to heat up the stereos – the track you’ll kick yourself for not listening to sooner, “Rumba Samba”.

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