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Bryan Michael: Music Is The Medium, Giving Back To His Community

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Standing in front of a brick wall with the words “Change” colourfully painted behind him, rapper Bryan Michael was clearly in his element. It was the 2019 backdrop for his downtown Chicago venue party, the unique character of the city — American flags, the canals, towering mill buildings, State Street — provided a background for his love letter to his hometown.

Illinois Native Bryan Michael is full of drive and ambition, with his passion set on becoming a benchmark for other emerging artists in his lane. This rising artist and producer creates unique melodies, which have earned him a stellar reputation in his local music scene. Being more than just a stellar musician, Bryan is committed to giving back where he can, always fostering an attitude of compassion and generosity to uphold the creative efforts in his hometown. Some examples include party raffles and fundraisers that go towards community centres in need, afterschool programs and studio gear.

Many would say Bryan is young, spirited and a massive influence on those in his circle. Nowadays, it’s rare to come across artists who pack worthy content and have a game plan. But on the other hand, talents like Bryan Michael have an intrinsic power to unite individuals by purposely coalescing themes of traditional hip-hop music and contemporary trends–– with a spirit of giving.

With everything going on in the world, small acts leave the most significant impression. With a platform of influence and many watching, it’s inevitable that Bryan Michael will continue to shift culture with his platform.

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