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Benia Is Paving His Way To The Top

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Benia is undoubtedly one of the most promising newcomers on the scene. He’s part of a new generation of artists who are proving that in an unoriginal musical world, innovation still exists.

We found him through his latest endeavors, and we recognized right away that we were listening to something exceptional. It’s practically a crime to categorize the project as a single genre because it encompasses a wide range of genres.

Benia was into music from a very young age, playing violin for several years. In highschool, it was more freestyling at lunch and parties etc. As more resources became available, he thought about making a career out of it. He bought himself some recording equipment and this is how it all started. 

“Toxic” is a creation of Benia which was very close to his heart. His vocals and lyrical game were top-notch, as he continues to grow as an artist with every project. 

Talking about his creative process, Benia quotes, “ My creative process begins with being in the right environment and state of mind. Sometimes I just want to reflect on a situation and express how I feel.”

Independent artists are dominating the industry in today’s era. During his time as an independent artist, Benia reveals how vital it is to present oneself professionally, have a solid team, and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

He is most proud of the consistent growth with the dropping of each of his tracks. This allowed him to discover new things and grow as a person and as an artist. He adds that he has a lot of new music stored for the near future. 

He considers himself just a beginner who still has a lot to learn. 

Benia offers an out-of-the-ordinary atmosphere with its experimental views, cinematic features, and innovative energy. His music is a breath of fresh air in the business, and we can’t wait to see him triple his success in 2022 and beyond. 

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