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Versatile artist, Tj Almighty, taking over the west coast one EP at a time.

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As a kid, the 2-0 pro-boxer, used to write rhymes, but was too shy to perform. Even stating “I was an introvert. I couldn’t spit in front of my own family. It was so bad, that I left it alone to just focus on basketball instead.” Basketball turned into boxing and now boxing into rapping.

When asked where this interest shifted from basketball to boxing and now to rapping, the upcoming artist replied: I had interest in basketball but once my uncles (only father figures) were facing life sentences, I needed a way to release my anger, so I started boxing. Once the pandemic hit, I wasn’t able to fight, so I started writing again and my love for rap came back full force. Even when I was boxing, I would use music as a way to get me in fight mode. The pandemic just allowed me the chance to make the music I wanted to hear that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

With much proven success, the artist has had the opportunity to work with major names in the industry such as AD, G Perico, Fresco, and more, helping bring a lot of attention and fame to this rising star. His sound is influenced by Nipsey Hussle and G Perico, major west coast names.

When asked what have these influencers taught you, the rapper/boxer duo gave them credit for helping him become confident in himself and his skill set, and to never accept deals that take him away from being true to himself.

This artist is setting himself apart from the rest based on his work ethic. He has proven to go hard for his passion whether basketball, boxing, or rapping. Even passing people who have been rapping for a lot longer than he has. Staying focused and using the competition as motivation, TJ Almighty is good at whatever he puts his mind to.

New EP Up The Score is turning the streets up with features ranging from D3szn to DDollarsign. It’s filled with “feel good” music and upping the score on everyone who didn’t believe in you. A perfect blend between his love for sports and his craft.

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