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Hendoo Breaking Generational Curses Through His Unique Sound

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Doing it for the fam, doing it for himself, doing it forever, Hendoo has big ambitions and dreams in the music industry.

Hendoo is a member of the 1400 gang who came up in Canton, Ohio with his mother and grandmother. Together they juggled the responsibility of giving Hendoo a life that could place him in a position to have opportunities in his future. Growing up he learned to be content, not having much his family made ends meet and overcame whatever hurdles came their way. Hendoo would discover his passion for music through his cousins that would take him to the studio. It was there that his mind was opened to the possibilities of a career in the music industry.

Hendoo purposed in himself to put on for his family, especially his grandmother who he held a close and inseparable bond with. From his first release, to follow up singles, Hendoo built a buzz that saw a rise in his fanbase. Over time, he fine-tuned his craft until he found a voice that was unique to him and there was no stopping the Canton, Ohio artist. Hendoo went on to surpass 2 million streams on his catalog of bangers and he intends to keep the good music pouring. His reputation spoke for itself and soon he was in circles with associates of mainstream artists like Trippie Redd.

Hendoo held a vibe that wasn’t a replica of anything in the industry. His flow, melodies, delivery was a fresh sound that garnered attention to his music. As he continues to curate tracks, his sound evolves as does his status as an artist. Hendoo is on a steady incline to worldwide success given the reaction that his music has been getting.

Hendoo came up through hardships but is dedicated to achieving his dreams of success, for himself and his family. He welcomes any listener to rock to his music and enjoy the vibe he creates. Follow the upcoming artist and check out his body of work.


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