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Bay Area Rapper DaeShawn Forrest Releases New Single, Walk Away

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“Walk Away,” the next song from the young rapper and producer, comes off the upcoming album Transparent 2, which is currently set to be released this summer. This is his second single from the album, and it continues the journey he began with his previous song, “A Moment’s Time,” which DaeShawn had released in March. DaeShawn related the story of the demise of his former relationship right before his wedding day in “A Moment’s Time.”

“Walk Away” is set not too long after his relationship ended and showcases him faced with the harsh reality of having to move on. Along with the music depicting him dealing with the weight of having to move on, it also showcases two other separate stories of people in different scenarios faced with the same life-changing reality.

“It felt necessary and important to not only continue my story but to also tell the story of being forced to move on from other angles. Having to move on happens in more than just romantic relationships, though that’s probably where it affects us the most. I struggled so much when faced with the task of having to leave something or someone behind that I couldn’t help but express the pain that I was going through in my music,” stated the artist when discussing the creation of the song.

DaeShawn approaches “Walk Away” with zeal and rawness, reuniting with R&B-influenced singer Raechelle T. Forrest, who was featured on his previous single. The artist stated that going forward he plans to continue telling his story of healing from what he has called his darkest time.


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