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TBE Mus’ab Has A Unique Approach To The Rap Game

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TBE Mus’ab has a unique approach to the rap game. Understanding that it’s more business than talent he focuses of practicality. Marcell ‘TBE Mus’ab’ Washington says he’s doesn’t focus on what most artists focus on which is fame and consequent fortune, rather he focuses of strategically building blocks of fortune and thinks about fame being consequential of his fortune.

TBE Mus’ab explained that he approaches the rap with this mindset to enable him to keep his passion for rap the same as it was when he started rapping. He mentioned that he uses rap to express himself and demonstrate his creativity and that it would definitely be good to get paid off of doing that but he feels that it would be better to be taken seriously as a rapper with out having to depend on it’s proceeds.

Marcell TBE Mus’ab Washington owns a janitorial service, part of a record label, a general entertainment service, and merchandise for retail amongst other things. Having a team to manage these endeavors was a lesson he had to learn the hard way but he says once things started to come together management was all he had to do.

As a business man TBE Mus’ab is a constant work in progress and sacrifices a lot of immediate luxury that many of his peers indulge in but as anyone in business know it’s about the long run.

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