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Skip DMV: A Multi Talented Music Artist

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The modern era is giving birth to numerous artists and musical icons who are versatile in their way. The artists are outstanding in their field and are gifted in many special ways. The present-day artists have added a special advantage to music and songs. They amalgamated music of various types and made a fusion of them, which seems to be more soothing and entertaining as well.

Skip DMV is one such contemporary idol, who took music to another level. His melody wrapped voice is a treat to our ears. He is a multi-talented man, who is a singer, rapper, prolific writer, and a successful businessman.

Origin of Skip DMV

Skip DMV was born on 11th May 1990, in Washington DC. Sharrod “Skip DMV” Mariner was a blessed and gifted child whose career began in early childhood. From the age of 7, he was inclined to listen to pop music, rap, and R&B songs.

His views on music and his journey toward success

Skip DMV is a man of worth who believes in searching for the right path and setting the trend. He followed his passion and his love for music led him on a path of self-discovery. His career blossomed at the age of 13. This recognition motivated him and he became more successful and passionate about music.

His career graph skyrocketed and he got recognition and invitations from different places. Gradually, he curated his songwriting style which is unique in his way.His songs are melodious, inspiring and thoughtful. He spreads the message of love, joy, strength, and hope through the lyrics of his songs. He also emerged victorious in writing songs and lyrics.

Skip DMV’s versatility lies in his skillfulness and flair for music. He blends emotions with reality in his rap songs which appeal to all strata and ages of people, especially the youngsters. The audience could resonate their sentiments with the songs and feel them close to their heart. His songs are very distinguished from other songs. They are an amalgamation of good lyrics, descent vocal elements, along with great techno music and rhythm. It creates ripples among thousands of audiences and they get overjoyed and relaxed.

Sharrod Mariner is not only a versatile artist with strong vocal power, but he is a multidimensional man. He crosses all the boundaries and makes his dream come true. Some of his popular tracks like ” Champions”,” I Ain’t Playin”, and “Weekend” are eternal and will stay in our hearts forever.

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