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How whoisode’s Music Career Went From A Hobby To A Full Time Hustle

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Rising underground hip hop artist whoisode always had a passion for music. The creative was the cookie cutter example of the kid who walked around with headphones over his ears and a CD player clipped at his side. His passion was handed to him from his mother who actively made music while whoisode grew up.

whoisode began taking his career seriously back in 2016 when he moved to Florida. It was during this time that the artist got accustomed to using studio equipment and started practicing his sound more and more.

Fast forward almost 6 years later and the artist is on a tear, having released a library of music over time. Working alongside his in-house producer GwadoBeats, the artist has visions of something greater for himself. His sound is inspired by the likes of 50 Cent and 2Pac, referencing an old school style in his music.

The upcoming artist has plans to release more music soon including a single titled ‘Pressure’ in the coming weeks.

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