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The story of ANDI- from an ordinary boy to a reputed musician:

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In today’s day and age, people often give up on their dreams and passions to pursue a more financially secure future. Challenges seem nothing but a vain investment to them. This has amounted to nothing but a more stale and hectic life for most people. However, ANDI is someone who did not let any hurdle or issues get in his way of pursuing what he truly wants. ANDI always dreamt of becoming a musician since his childhood days. In fact, he started working for it at a very early age. He travelled all around the world to establish his career and learn more through an intercultural experience.

Soon ANDI’s hard work and dedication showed results. While he was studying in high school, he participated in talent shows and gained immense recognition. His serene vocals and captivating stage presence were enough to hold anybody’s attention. He even won prestigious awards for his talent which further motivated him to pursue his dreams. After touring and performing as a singer in different places in Europe for commercial shows, he decided to relocate to Korea to pursue K-pop training. He worked with an important K-pop label in the capital city of South Korea. His stay in Korea was of extreme significance since it contributed to shaping him up as a singer. However, it was also one of the most difficult times of his life. Being in a new country whose language he did not know; ANDI felt an extreme gap in communication which made everyday activities difficult. Moreover, he was entirely on his own in the new city which was intimidating as well as difficult. However, ANDI did not leave any stone unturned to adapt to the new city and its lifestyle. Moreover, his experiences sharpened his skills and made his artistic style more soulful and connected to the audience. Thus, it is an example of how challenges lead to favourable outcomes if you try your best.

ANDI has composed a song called ‘Sick of You’ which reflects his upgraded artistic style. The song showcases personal relationships in a completely new light. He believes that although the majority of people in society are physically close to each other, they are mentally not and lack in truly understanding of one another. The song is a beautiful one with deep lyrical composition and soulful melody in anthem style. It is scheduled to release in June 2022 so make sure to keep an eye out because it is surely not worth missing.

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