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Rilla da Goat Single “Cheetas” Is A Hit According to LAs Popular DJ, DJ Carisma

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Born and raised in Pasadena, CA, Rilla da Goat is an artist with many styles that has come from the thousands of hours he has spent in the studio. It is also no secret that he writes all of his own music and it is based on his real life, lifestyle and events that take place.

As he continued to record music, other artists in his city were telling him he might as well start rapping, so he started freestyling in 2018 and would just sleep in the studio. The energy that the studio gave him made him feel like he could make a song that would eventually make him a household name. He brought some beats from his brother in 2018 and wrote songs to them to get his start. Years later he decided to get back in the studio and started co-producing beats with his enginer. One of the beats he produced on became his latest single titled, “Cheetahs.” A song about strippers and a strip club and getting shot after he performed.

Rilla da Goat shared that above all he does it for the youth, the community, the people before him, and most of all, “…the almighty.” While many artists coming up have artists they look up to, Rilla says that he does not have any. He likes so many different artists it’s hard to pick one. He ultimately wants to tell his story and have fun doing it, that the people will decide. Additionally, he wishes to inspire not only the youth but everyone to chase after whatever it is they desire, despite the obstacles they may face.

With his latest song, “Cheetahs,” currently going viral and being played in every club in Hollywood, to Arizona and Vegas this isn’t his first rodeo, he has also released projects prior. His first tape titled, ‘Addicted da Demo,’ was released in December 2019. His second tape titled, ‘Who Dat Be Rilla,’ was released in August 2020. Rilla believes that every producer and engineer he works with is special but he has been cooking up some nice beats with his brother Rose Hillz.

Rilla has stated that his upcoming project will be crazy and will be soon to drop this summer.

You can listen to Rilla da Goat’s music now on all major streaming platforms, and be sure to follow Instagram to keep up to date with everything Rilla @rilla_da_goat

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