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Rees RP Talks His Album Honor And Reveals He Has New Music On The Way

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“I want people to hear my music worldwide, I want them to hear me and know my story.” -Rees RP

Rees is a nickname he was given in high school. He was called “BG Rees” or BlowGang Rees. Going off that, he wanted to rebrand himself off of the definition and perspective of “Pimpin.” This led to his artist name “Rees RP” or Rees Really Pimpin.

His genre of music is very versatile and mixed as it includes Pop, Hip Hop, RnB, and Rap music. He’s written every song he’s put out, and started producing three years ago, picking it back up last year. He also writes scripts for each of his music videos and incorporates some of his skills and dance moves into them for viewers to take in.

He is currently in an acting school in Michigan, while cutting hair for his side job, boxing, and doing karate. He played the guitar, piano, flute, drums, and other instruments as a kid, which formed his love for music. He began making music in 2014 with his cousins and put out his first track that same year in Oak Park, Michigan at the Green Field Plaza. He began taking it seriously in 2020 for his family members that have passed since he started but does it for them since they supported him from the very beginning.

Russ is his biggest music inspiration along with Chris Brown and 6lack, but he strives to stay in his own lane and produce his own unique sound through all of his music. He and his friends actually built their own label in honor of their brother Ike, called BHBB Entertainment (Ball Hard Block Boyz, Brothers Hardworking Building Billions, Building Houses Building Bonds). Check it out at

His biggest motivations are his uncle Terrance, auntie Marg and his cousins, Monie and Erv. “They all motivate me equally the same way they all saw my potential when I saw nothing my uncle and cousins were pursuing the same life but still would never try to be in competition. It was genuine happiness.” Becoming a father had also inspired him to make music, when he found out he had a baby in 2019.

The way he produces so many songs like the 29 on his new album “HONOR,” is his unique ability to come up with each one within an hour. He is mostly known for his song responsibility,“it got me noticed because of the strong impact it had on the culture. Everything I said was kinda like everything a person would want to say but never could, so hearing it really put people ecstatic at times.”

His goal in music is to create his own label with opportunities for underground artists, the less fortunate, and others who don’t have a connection to the music industry. Next, he plans on booking interviews, going on tour, and throwing concerts in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

“I want the people to understand that I am promoting a new phrase and basically a movement anyone can be an RP if they are Genuine, Unique, Smooth & confident individuals. I do not promote anything other than that. When it comes to my music and the message, I want to be able to please all types of people and relate to whatever they may be going through at that time. I hope to let people more in my life as if they personally knew me to create a closer bond with me and my fans.”

Albums and EP’s that he has released to date include BG Rees – BGTM 2016, Young Chapo 2017, Revision 2017, BGTM PT.2 2017, Rated R 2018 Rees RP – RP Crazy 2018, Born A Boss 2019, Brothers Through Loyalty 2019, Outbound 2019, Chinese – V 2020, BGrees vs Reesrp 2020, Honor 2022

Rees RP – Outro reached 100k views on Youtube at, and is being played on radio stations in Detroit, Cleveland, Miami and Dallas.

Keep an eye out for his current project dropping later this year called “Family Files.” Also, make sure to follow Rees RP on social media @reesrpmusic and listen to his latest album on all streaming platforms.

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