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Bonnie Raitt: ‘Just Like That,’ Albums That Shaped Her, and Embracing Uncertainty | Apple Music

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Bonnie Raitt sits down with Zane Lowe for an in-depth conversation about her 35+ years in the music industry. Bonnie Raitt has been blending funk, blues, and soul into masterfully distinct albums for more than three decades, finding inspiration in musical theatre’s storytelling, and folk’s peaceful quality. Bonnie Raitt explains she has never been one to have her music defined by genre and feels this is particularly true in her album, ‘Just Like That. ’ The album follows Bonnie Raitt’s 2016 record, ‘Dig In Deep,’ and addresses addiction, loss, and resiliency in the particularly troubling times people have been living through. Bonnie explains that each album is like a postcard from an era in her life, and talks through new tracks like “Made Up Mind,” as well as classics like “Used to Rule the World,” and “Need You Tonight.” Listen to Bonnie Raitt on Apple Music:

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