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Vetted Artist Nick Pash Is Unstoppable – Influence, Musical Journey

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Nick pash is a renowned multi-genre Music producer and artist. Nick pash was born in Athens, Greece, raised in London, and is currently living in Dubai. He has released many bangers, such as “Heartbreak Anthem” and “Velocity” in which he has combined various sounds with raw talent and produced a unique catchy Techno Track. Since embarking on his career in 2018, he has entranced his fans with his unique signature EDM sounds.

From the beginning, Nick Pash considered himself a musical person, constantly exploring new sounds from everywhere and everything. He aspired to become a DJ and made mixes for 7 years; he learned music production from FL studio and later shifted to Ableton. Finally, he ended up constructing a mini-studio at home. Once he got into the game, he started to take things seriously and made this a full-time job.

It was challenging and competitive for him to get recognized among the people. But he says to do the things he loves and never stop no matter what. So ten years ago, it was difficult for him to distribute his work due to the lack of platforms. But it is easy for the young budding artists because they have all the sources they need to showcase and distribute their tracks on different social media platforms.

He also shared how he created his music. He transforms the feeling and emotions into visual sound. Once he has the initial outlay of the sound, he works on it. Sometimes, he also has to look at other genres of music outside of the EDM scene for inspiration. Ultimately music is the food for the soul, and he wants my listeners to feel that. Once the project is complete, he has a process where he waits a few days and relisten to the song and see if it will invoke the same feelings and emotions in him. If it doesn’t, it’s back to the drawing board to refine the song.

The biggest challenge for Nick is to convey his feelings, thoughts, and emotions to the audience via his music. He is very particular when it comes to the final product, and there have been so many instances where I have scrapped a project as it didn’t have the vibe or output that he originally wanted to give out to the world. Therefore timing becomes a challenge. Currently, his creative process does not work under deadlines, and he follows the path of the song regardless of how many hours it would take.

Sometimes, he doesn’t feel like working and when he thinks that, he handles it in a lovely way. He goes out to clear his mind from all the negative vibes, hits a gym, and sometimes goes for a walk with his dog. It releases a sense of optimism, which motivates him to start afresh in his studio.

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