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What Artist & Producer Sarah P Antonella Has to Say to Those on the Come Up

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Taking over the industry with her magnetic personality and innate talents, Sarah P Antonella is a powerhouse writer, producer, and musician making her mark on the music space. Always up for a challenge, Sarah P Antonella is willing to put in the work that will take her to the top.

With her natural knack for writing and her time and dedication in the studio, Sarah P Antonella is creating hit records that are sure to strike a chord with fans. Having built up a solid platform on social media, her fans are extremely loyal and have loved the music that she’s been releasing in preparation for the summer.

After her years in the entertainment space, she has some wise pieces of advice for those looking to make their career in the industry today. She stresses the importance of surrounding yourself with a supportive crew who are willing to call you out when you’re slacking off, but will also be there to commend your achievements. She knows firsthand that friends and family can turn on you throughout your journey in this industry, but she knows how worth it it is at the end once you have your loyal supporters.

To hear more from Sarah P Antonella and stay up-to-date with her latest projects, you can check her out at the following links:

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