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Kira Graves Explains How Entertainers Maintain Their Mental and Physical Well-Being

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With an emphasis on creativity, self-expression, enjoyment and social inclusion, the arts have received increasing attention. It’s come from researchers, clinicians, policy makers, health professionals and the general community as an effective means of improving the physical and mental well-being of individuals. Kira Graves believes that simply listening to your favorite music or participating in an artistic and entertaining endeavor can create a sense of happiness – a feeling that most of us yearn for. While those in the entertainment industry strive to create such fulfilling experiences for others, few think about the very nature of their work and whether it has a negative impact on their health.

Kira Graves is a professional psychologist who has interacted with numerous clients, especially those in the entertainment realm who struggle to maintain resolute mental and physical well-being. She is the founder of Kira Graves Consulting, an establishment that offers counseling, career coaching and mentorship services to its clients. She understands performing artists who have achieved great heights in their careers and made substantial contributions to our society and culture are, at times, troubled, and will rarely talk about it. Kira Graves reiterates that all entertainers should have strategies for taking care of their mental and physical well-being, including coping mechanisms to manage the stress that comes with their work.

Anti-social working hours, touring schedules and an “always on” mentality, driven by oversupply of their art and lack of boundaries, is enough to trigger stress among entertainers. Kira Graves says that successful entertainers know when to take a break from these predicaments and take care of their bodies. She reiterates that busy professionals should have a dedicated hour of doing physical exercises, and this should be the case at least three times a week. The problem with most individuals is that they envision exercising as straining and that it should be done in the gym. Kira Graves counters this rationale because it is what makes entertainers unfit. Take that stroll in the local park, walk your dog down the street or take a swim in the pool to keep your heart healthy. Anything that consistently keeps the heart pounding more than usual is okay.

A new study revealed that many artists in the music industry are subject to inordinately high levels of stress. It was established that 47% of those who work in the music business have constant feelings of anxiety and sadness. Kira Graves says that this happens because they do not know how to take care of their minds. Most of us have been exposed to information that exemplifies the need of having a personal therapist or practicing mindfulness. However, Kira Graves is also for the idea of connecting with fellow entertainers, and sharing perspectives, insights and stress factors affecting them. This form of group therapy or socialization allows individuals to learn important cues that will enable them to deal with anxiety, stress, or depression. Expressing a problem is half-solving it- trying solutions that have worked for others might close the gap.

Kira Graves says that entertainers should abandon the mentality that if they are not struggling with a mental health disorder or illness affecting their physical health, they should not worry about possible outcomes. It’s about protecting one’s mental and physical well-being more than anything- you should develop those habits early on.

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