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Queen Bushka Previews New Book “Sleeping with the Enemy”

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Zarina Chauhan, was born in Moscow, Russia. “My mother is Russian and my father is Pakistani.” I was raised in Queens, NY. I joined the US Army, a year after graduating high school in 2010, and served for 12 years. I toured Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait(2x), Jordan, and Lebanon for missions I was in a DV and sexual assault situation which broke me down and I built myself up anew. I don’t use the words victim/survivor. Entrepreneur and personal assistant to CEO-ISHHH. Working on an upcoming clothing line. A provider and nurturer. Creative from music, poetry, painting, and customizing clothes and bracelets. Handmade.

Currently working on four projects. I would like to introduce to you, one of them, Sleeping with the Enemy.

In this book, we meet Tatyana who many women of vast races can relate to, and Maurice who many men can relate to. You will get to experience their sexual stamina in detail; will make you think you’re scrolling through Pornhub. You get to vicariously live through the words when they celebrate when there is gang wars and bloodshed, entrepreneurship, betrayal, infidelity, and sex. Would you walk through the reigning flames or burn out? How well do you know your morals as a man or woman? Do you know how to stand on principles and understand human decency? Are you the type to hold it down or will you fold due to the lack of integrity?”

Chapter One Preview:

She sucked my dick for a couple of minutes and looked up at me to say, “I need you to fuck me baby and I want it hard”.

She stood up as I pulled on her hair. Directed her to the bed, simultaneously, gripping her silky mane harder. Turning her on, she let out a shy moan. Her ass was sitting straight up as if she was assuming the position. I knew exactly what she wanted and needed.

For the next ten minutes, I fucked her at varying speeds and depths. I would go slow and pull my whole dick out, then place my tip slowly back in to penetrate her fully. This time I pulled it out and pushed her head down to suck her cream off.

The view was so seductive, feeling like a King, as she slobbered all over my dick. Stuck her tongue out as she let me watch her lick all the cream off and swallow it. Jerking me off, she started to massage both my balls in her mouth. She was a freak by the way she enjoyed it.

I started to fuck her mouth as my head fell back whispering “Fuck.” …. “GOD.” I looked back down at her as I pulled her up and turned her back around. The penetration made her so wet, so I went deeper. Pulling the crystal anal plug out and sticking my thumb in her.

She started throwing it back with her dirty statement, “Daddy, spit in my mouth and choke me.”

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