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Preston Hudman Puts His Bug Report On The Blockchain With The Metabug NFT!

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Preston Hudman discovers a noise-activated glitch on Instagram and releases a demo with Chad B. called “Friends ain’t Friends”. Please visit for more information.
Preston Hudman has a long history with Google and says they are obsessed with studying him. Now he is amused by a mysterious Meta glitch on instagram that is noise activated, which means loud noises are what trigger it, and this only occurs when he uses one specific filter. The filter is called “CA” and sets you on fire. It’s from a Metaverse themed series of filters that are now even creepier than before.

Preston first had to prove it was Facebook or else everyone would think it’s just a virus or something but Preston is convinced it’s some kind of secret message. Based on the video evidence it’s clear that Facebook is blocking that filter from being used by Preston with the only exception being his main phone, the one the glitch is on. Preston’s Twitter has more information @thegooglerapper

So what does this glitch do exactly? Well it appears to activate sometime after hearing a loud noise but if Preston remains quiet it doesn’t happen. It starts by doing some kind of facial mapping sequence that is very pretty to look at followed by a so-called “delete sequence”, during which time a list of folder names can be seen on screen. It’s the names of the folders that are creepy. Bush, Kissinger, Weeping Angel, Dark Matter, Hive, The last folder is named “/z/Zuck”. Should we be worried for Preston’s safety seeing as how they chose the filter that sets you on fire (assuming FB is behind it) Preston continued to make sense all throughout the videos I watched as well as when we spoke and I see no reason not to believe him. He posts videos about this to several platforms such as VK, TikTok, and Gettr.

In order to prove this is actually happening Preston had the bright idea of making an NFT out of it. He calls it the MetabugNFT. It’s rare because It can’t be duplicated and can only be produced by Preston. It might even be a new technology that nobody knows about. Preston says that he is continually adding information about this to a Dropbox folder and the only way to get access is to buy the NFT. Every NFT comes with that dropbox link as extra content only viewable by the owner. This NFT is a great investment because there’s a good chance you’ll get rich when FB lights Preston on fire. Jk. Preston is taking pre orders and has already made a sale to @remiboi_official. Why stop at just one Remi? …when it takes all 2 to complete the collection and you’re getting the first two ever minted?! NFT’s are so hot right now they basically sell themselves for stupid money. Bet. Here is the MetabugNFT collection on opensea.

Unless Preston took the picture or recorded the video himself while the glitch was occurring, you are looking at a reproduction basically. Buying the NFT is the only way to see what Preston is seeing when he does the glitch.
Besides this Preston says he will be creating hundreds if not thousands of NFT’s over time because he stands behind the idea that crypto is the future of money and that owning digital assets on the blockchain will be commonplace in the not-too-distant future.
(Born Nov 3 1985) Preston Hudman is an American Rapper/Influencer/ and social media marketer who is known for his passion, that is to study Google. He even raps about Google which has earned him the nickname The Google Rapper. Preston Hudman also helps people grow on Instagram and Facebook by doing collaborations that go viral! Here is a YouTube video that shows the glitch as well as a demo that Preston made with Chad B. aka @therealchadb

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