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Meet the Tweet expert, Unkonfined.

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From rapping to Tweeting, Unkonfined does it all. And while his rap career has had its fair share of ups and downs, his presence on social media has only grown. Unkonfined has a proven track record of what he can do behind the mic but his Instagram and Twitter accounts show a different side of him. According to Unkonfined, “on Instagram, you get the family man Unkonfined – the dad, the husband, the jokester. But on Twitter, you get nothing but motivation, 24/7.”
Motivation is an understatement.
Unkonfined has seen his Twitter account explode to almost 550,000 followers. He adheres to a strict one motivational Tweet a day format and doesn’t falter. One unique aspect to what he does is the fact that he makes it a point to reply to each and every person who either replies to one of his Tweets and/or DMs him. “I honestly didn’t even realize this was starting to become a thing until I started to get people reaching out to me about how my Tweets are changing their lives or how they were gonna commit suicide and didn’t because of my Tweets.” With each of his Tweets getting anywhere from 20k to 30k+ likes and close to 10k RTs, Unkonfined is reaching a wide audience and his message is simple, mental health matters. He’s focused on using his platform to help people navigate through the ups and downs of life. “My favorite thing about the diversity in my followers is that it shows that people can come together, set aside religious and political beliefs, and just agree that we all need help in one way or another and positive reinforcement is a universal language.”
There are many different sides to Unkonfined and they are on full display and available to anyone depending on which avenue you choose. His music gives you raw, unfiltered, political lyrics and he takes you on a journey with each and every track. His Instagram provides his almost 17k followers a glimpse into his family life and the joys of being a devoted husband and father. And his Twitter account shows how words can heal and bring humanity together all the while elevating the importance of mental health.
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