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Young Hoff Is The Next Artist To Blow From The Bay Area

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Independent Bay Area rapper Young Hoff is his own songwriter, but primarily considers himself an author. His music career began in 2020, writing lyrics and music that are infused with unfurling emotion as he explains his battle with addiction, including both struggles and triumphs. Through his music, he aims to provide a therapeutic experience for those, like himself, who have sought solace from mental illness, loneliness, and recovery. As such, he gleans inspiration from artists who are able to convey their real life emotions and experiences into their music, such as Mac Miller, Tupac, and Eminem.


A born entertainer and storyteller, Young Hoff’s career as a musician has taken off since the release of his debut EP, Freshman Year, in September of 2021. Aside from boasting over 1500 streams, he has collaborated with up-and-coming artists and producers including Stunnaman02, Killasiiwila, FluteDiGGa, and Austin Corini. He’s also opened for headliners Mike Jones and Rappin’ 4 Tay. With beats and flows resembling those of J. Cole and Jack Harlow, his music is chill, vibey, emotional, and appealing to all listeners.


Young Hoff has plans for a big future in music. After a long battle with alcohol addiction, Hoff found sobriety in 2020. Hoping to make an impact on anyone and everyone, he intends to earn a master’s degree, help others with their sobriety, and collaborate with major artists to kick off his legacy. His passion for knowledge has complimented his career in music as he works mainly on his own, learning more about music production and engineering with each new release. First and foremost, Young Hoff aims to be the light at the end of the tunnel for all who need to see (or hear) it. 

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