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Up-And-Coming Music Producer Carlton E Bynum II Is Set to Bring a Wave of Montage Music

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Montage music has been the underdog in the music industry for decades. This creative form of music composition has recently seen a shift in demand with the growing number of content creators. As visual content has a huge fan following in the digital realm, creators are now looking for unique and fresh montage music that will enhance the mood and set the tone of their videos. YouTube creators top the list here. As most contemporary artists compete to set foot in the mainstream music industry, montage music is awaiting a much-deserved revival. Up-and-coming music producer Carlton E Bynum II has stepped in to close the gap.

Carlton started his career serving in the United States Marine Corps and ventured into digital marketing soon after. His agency has been the tip of the spear in the marketing space, catering to brand visibility and the growth of popular musicians like Sam Lex and Bosnian artist SHIYE. This is where Carlton discovered his passion for music, and in 2022, he wants to add a new dimension to his career as a music producer.

Through his years of experience in digital marketing, Carlton realized a gap in the industry that posed a challenge to YouTube creators looking for creative background music to make their content more engaging. This inspired him to become a producer while differentiating himself from contemporary artists in the digital space.

Currently, Carlton is working on different genres of music to compose unique and fresh montages. He is experimenting with various digital sounds to bring that impact into his creations to set the tone for any content when used as background music. Recently, Carlton also dropped his debut single, “The Beat Drops,” which was well-received by creators and music enthusiasts across digital platforms. The music has the exact style and rhythm to add depth to any type of content. Carlton is now gearing up to repeat the success of “The Beat Drops” with his upcoming projects in 2022.

Beginning from zero to becoming a music producer was quite challenging for Carlton, who started with limited resources. He had nothing, not even a basic internet connection, when he wanted to step into the digital realm. Carlton managed to scale up his career to where he is today with only a low-end used laptop and the free wifi he got from McDonald’s. Devoting himself to work and balancing his family life has been another challenge, but he overcame it by maintaining a disciplined schedule. His achievements so far have been featured in the New York Times.

Now Carlton is bringing the same discipline to his music production to ensure each montage he creates is unique and fresh. His goal is to liberate YouTube creators from the crisis of background scores. He is focusing on making music for every mood that will complement videos in every niche. His goal is to reach thousands of listeners through the background scores of every video on YouTube.

With his vision to create a different lane in the realm of music and his dedication to working hard, Carlton’s music will be seen as a global brand and take over the YouTube space.

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