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Aidan Sowa on Becoming an Emerging Authority in the Hiphop Industry

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Over the years, the music scene has witnessed the rise and fall of thousands of creative souls and brilliant minds. While a lot of these people are no longer in the industry, their legacies continue to live on and make an impact on the rest of the world. Sure enough, it takes a great artist to leave such a wonderful mark in the lives of others. Such is the case with rising hip-hop star Aidan Sowa whose distinctive artistry has been creating significant waves in the music realm.

As someone who has always been passionate about his craft, Aidan Sowa knew that he was destined to thrive in the music industry. More than his skills and abilities, the emerging artist possesses the determination and grit to reach impressive heights and conquer his creative endeavors dauntlessly. Immensely fueled by the desire to share his hip-hop prowess with the world, he uses his music to speak his truth and inspire others.

In an interview, Aidan Sowa talked about the individuals who influenced his music style and discography. “More than being just a lyricist, I also took inspiration from producers like Dr. Dre, Jermaine Depri, and others who were really pulling the strings behind the scenes,” he shared. According to him, one of the reasons he wanted to control distribution, marketing, and engagement was because he realized distribution, in many cases, was beyond the reach of artists.

“Tupac Shakur was a beacon of inspiration for me growing up, as I got the first glimpse of an artist, who was multi-talented, he could act, perform and market, I was so impressed with his charisma,” Aidan Sowa further revealed. “I think of the music industry as similar to the fight game where labels put 90% of effort behind their thoroughbreds and 10% around new artist development. As I was discussing signing with a few labels, I knew that I wanted to have the upper hand in controlling my success.”

On top of that, Aidan Sowa also shared his thoughts on the evolution of streaming platforms and the rise of the crypto space. “Music platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music require specific engagements that I developed and tested on my own. I realized in some cases, the models that were used by certain labels were outdated. Leading artists nowadays are integrating cryptocurrency and NFTs as an integral part of their overall marketing strategy,” he explained.

“An interesting strategy to leverage is offering NFTs in lieu of other checkout methods, giving fans the rights and license to the music to promote, leverage, and reuse at their discretion. The methodical approach allows artists to raise upfront liquidity, which was previously loaned out by labels, where artists were rewarded for simply working harder to earn more. Currently, the industry is decentralized, giving artists more authority. Ultimately, this will level the playing field,” Aidan Sowa added.

Widely acknowledged as an emerging authority in the music industry, Aidan Sowa has been developing innovative solutions that would catapult aspiring artists to the summits of their careers. Today, he stands as the esteemed founder of Sowa Marketing Agency, a company where fellow artists and businesses can benefit from his vast experience and digital authority portfolio.

Much can be expected from Aidan Sowa as he keeps fans and listeners up on their toes with the release of his upcoming EP, “Aidan,” this summer. With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, the artist continues to serve as an inspiration to go-getters across the globe.

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