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Teenonami Is The Rising Star Within The Music Industry

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Growing up in New Jersey, Teenonami always dreamed of creating music. He began cultivating his dream into a reality at the age of 10. When he picked up a pen and paper, he intuitively knew music was his destiny. However, the road to stardom was more challenging than he anticipated. He has had to overcome many obstacles, including homelessness, critics, and naysayers. Teenonami didn’t let any challenge alter his faith as he held on tight to his dream. Due to his resilience and commitment for wanting to reach the pinnacle of his musical talent, Teenonami has begun to excel.


Teenonami intends on creating music that is inspiring, uplifting, and full of energy. Teenonami understands that energy crafts the world we live in, so he focuses on delivering powerful messages through his lyrics. “My music is created with pure feeling and high energy, so it will make others feel that way when they listen. Also, I want people to know they can be themselves no matter what anyone says or who judges them”. Having gone through as many trials and tribulations as he has allows Teenonami to drop a plethora of knowledge through his lyrics. Every song he creates is backed by a strong message and life lessons he has grown through.


2022 will be a monumental year for this young artist as he plans to take his talent and brand to new heights. Teenonami has been putting in countless hours in the studio with his producers Valley, Tony Gz, Buggs856, and Tonylit to release a plethora of new music. The next major project he plans on dropping in the coming months is “Popular Outcast.” “Popular Outcast” elegantly depicts the struggles Teenonami has faced with feeling like an outcast throughout his life. He opens himself up to his fans and raps about instances he has not touched upon in his music thus far in his career. “Popular Outcast” will have a variety of styles, and it will be Teenonami’s best body of work yet. With a plethora of music already released, you can stream Teenonami’s previous body of work on Spotify and look out for all announcements regarding “Popular Outcast” on his Instagram.

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