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Some would say fashion has been dying, people are reviewing old trends and there’s a lack of originality. In a niche like luxury which thrives on rarity, creativity is a must-have. Karis dowe is well renowned for his design in fashion. Working with massive artists such as Migos, Playboi Carti, and A$AP Rocky. Karis paves the way for other New York City born icons to show that New York is still the capital of fashion. Nobody sets trends like New York and with schooling in California, Karis is well diversified in the different levels of fashion. Experience taking on substantial branding campaigns operating with companies like Nike, Hugo Boss, and Saint Laurent.


Hugo has started a giant new web of luxury fashion, and this massive empire is called UUVO Global. The premier designer intertwined with the creative mind that is Karis Dowe. Absolutely stunning creations that will change the fashion world. Karis is a man of his own and an artist works best unchained.  


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