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alekstwo Shows Out On “mura drips”

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“mura drips” off of “takashi” an EP by the great alekstwo opens with an exciting staccato piano that sits on top of an airy layer of foley. His overall implementation of foley and musicianship on this EP is fantastic and the track “mura drips” is a perfect example.


Being the second-longest on the EP, this track holds house-style drums and melodies. The beating kick and energetic perks that come with it create a perfect progression on this song. About a minute in we reach the bridge that builds the beat into its biggest form, all of the drum layers sit perfectly as a synchronized wall of sound. This one fits perfectly into the feeling of the EP and works to keep the same energy as the tracks before it but in a new way, offering a unique drum line and sharp, hard hitting, piano melodies, this track ups the intensity and has become one of our favorites from the project itself.


Be sure to check out alekstwo and give all of his work a look. You can keep up with him on his official Instagram page here, as well as listen to all of his most recent releases from his official Spotify page, here. With new work and music on the way, there’s no better time to be well versed with alekstwo than now.


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