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Ahmad Taher and His Music Marketing Agency Research Warrant is Giving Artists a Platform to Thrive on

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Many talented artists are overlooked simply from a lack of exposure in an industry as competitive and saturated as music. In recent years, more effective uses of digital marketing and social media have allowed artists and agencies to promote to audiences on a larger scale. Ahmad Taher founded his marketing agency, Research Warrant, which specializes in scaling musicians online to give the artist a platform of exposure they might otherwise not have. After leaving university in Illinois, Ahmad moved to Los Angeles, California to begin signing clients and proving himself in the industry.


Over the last few years, Research Warrant has seen incredible success working with top artists like Young Dolph, Lil XXEL, Alicia Keys, Lil Durk, $uicieboy$, Lil Baby, 6ix9ne, and others. When asked what he feels separates his company from the competitors, he states, “I feel like, because of the age of everyone on my team, we give a fresh outlook when it comes to the different marketing strategies we use to push music. We have pretty innovative ways to scale records in the marketplace that a lot of these other agencies that have been around for years don’t. What worked in 2015 is not going to work in 2022, and a lot of us are really close to the culture. Because of our age, we see firsthand what’s working and what’s not working.”


Research Warrant also banks their success on the relationships they are able to build with their clients. Ahmad relates, “it’s important for them to feel like you’re on the same team, and a lot of our competitors are much more transactional with people, but if the client succeeds with us, then we all win.” jAnd Ahmad and his clients have won. In the last two years, the business has scaled to over seven figures and has involved clients in massive record deals. Research Warrant is primed to take the industry by storm as they continue to stay ahead of the curve.

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