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kylexkane Releases His Latest Single, “PLAYYTIME”

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Making it in the music industry has never been an option for artists and producers kylexkane. Paving his own way for himself, this powerhouse musician is making himself known throughout the industry, and is turning heads left and right as he continues to knock down career milestones.

With the release of his latest track, “PLAYYTIME”, kylexkane is excited to continue putting out singles for his fans to enjoy as the summer approaches. Crafting his own unique sound that is dynamic and transcendent is a hallmark of his career, and is something that he’s spent hours working on to perfect.

While making it to the top hasn’t always been an easy road to success, kylexkane is grateful for the experiences and lessons that he’s had to learn because they’ve gotten him to where he’s at today. Of course, he’s grateful for his loyal supporters who have stood by his side since the beginning, but he’s also appreciative of those he’s lost along the way because they’ve helped him create a solid crew who will push him to greatness at all times.

Fans should keep their eyes out for more releases from kylexkane, and to hear more from him and stay up-to-date on his latest project, you can check him out at the following links: 

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