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Dylan Benjj: From SoundCloud to mainstream platforms

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Since breaking R&B artist Dylan Benjj dropped his latest single “My Time” this summer it hasn’t failed to attract plenty of hype. And with his tangible ability to mix old school vibes with contemporary slick beats, there’s little room to wonder why. The romantically steeped single offers the perfect rhythmic grind from start to finish.


The artist definitely wasn’t shy about the amount of soul that he served up in My Time either. Hearing so much authentic passion wrapped up in a mellifluous soundscape doesn’t happen every day, which is why Dylan Benjj is an all too welcome addition on our radar. So, if you’re wondering what a true testament of talent sounds like, you’ll find the answers in this radio-ready mix.


You can check out the official music video to Dylan Benjj’s latest single My Time for yourselves by heading over to



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