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Atlanta-Based Rap Star Crash Jordy Is on the Rise

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Crash Jordy is real lowkey but he’s truly a talent that’s bubbling and once he bursts, the whole world will know his name.  Hailing from St. Louis and already taking the lead in the ATL underground rap scene, Crash Jordy is a stand out as his music is dark, chaotic and can often comes off like it’s from another universe.

In a short period of time of living in Atlanta, Crash has already achieved so much. He has a great team, a successful clothing line, in the right rooms and performing at some of the hottest shows in the city. 

When it comes to his catalog, he has his project “Anti (2019)” and “Shadowboy (2021)” available on all streaming platforms. When describing his mixtape “Shadowboy” he reveals it was his way of showing people his world through the music. He describes it as opening a parallel universe from the world we are living in now. The St. Louis native labels his music as “Alternative Rap.”


Crash Jordy believes his music is fresh and something the world has never heard before. Many music lovers describe his music as “different, but a good different.” Although his music often comes off reckless he is really talking his sh*t. When asked where he sees himself in five years he answers, “A multimillionaire and still counting.  Music is just a layer of what I can do but it flows through me entirely. When I do graphic art I listen to music, when I design I listen to music. With everything, music has always been there so I want my music to be there for others. I want my music to inspire consumers to the fullest.”

Check out our favorite Crash Jordy visuals below and follow him on his Instagram.



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